Equality PAC Launches Program Educating Massachusetts Voters About Rufus Gifford

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Equality PAC’s Independent Expenditure Arm has launched a direct mail program to educate voters in Massachusetts’ 3rd Congressional District about Rufus Gifford.

“Rufus Gifford is one of our strongest LGBTQ candidates and will be an invaluable voice for equality in Congress,” said Equality PAC Co-Chair Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI). “Equality PAC is dedicated to ensuring the voters of the 3rd Congressional District know about Rufus’s proven record of leadership.”

The four-piece mail plan targets Democrats and unenrolled voters with a partisanship score between 70 and 100. Voters targeted by this mail plan voted in the 2016 presidential primary and in one of the last three non-presidential primaries. The mail will be going to almost 40,000 voters between August 17 and August 27.

Equality PAC has raised nearly $2.3 million to support LGBTQ candidates and strong allies for election to Congress.