Will Rollins

Will Rollins is a former federal prosecutor who focused on counterterrorism and counterintelligence cases in Southern California. He’s running for a second time to represent California's 41st Congressional District which is currently represented by Republican Ken Calvert who has a strong anti-LGBTQ voting record in Congress.

Coming of age at a time when being gay was a crime in many states, Will and his partner Paolo know that government-sponsored discrimination has lasting effects on all Americans, our economy, and our national security. Even today, being LGBTQ can jeopardize your personal security, safety, employment and so much more. That has motivated Will to improve the lives of others who face discrimination. Will’s mother and father, a public defender and journalist, stressed the importance of justice and free speech at a young age. His parents taught him that although the system may not be perfect, every generation has a responsibility to improve it. Will is running for Congress to bring justice and accountability back to Washington. Will Rollins is the Democratic nominee from California’s 41st Congressional District.


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