Julie Johnson

State Representative Julie Johnson is a defender of justice and fights for those among us who need it most. As a Texas educated attorney, Johnson fought her way into the courtroom during a time when women weren’t being hired to litigate cases. When elected, Johnson will be the first openly LGBTQ person to serve in Congress from the South and represent Texas at the federal level.

As a legislator, Julie Johnson has earned a reputation for going toe to toe with the crooked and powerful. Last session, she helped kill 76 of 77 anti-LGBTQ bills. She authored the historic Live Well Texas bill, which would have expanded Medicaid in Texas, gaining bipartisan support from 9 Republican Co-Sponsors, and as Vice-Chair of the Women’s Health Caucus fights on the front lines for reproductive rights. She has defended workers, stood up for the mentally disabled, helped students who were taken advantage of by for-profit universities, and fought for equality for female athletes.


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