Eddy Morales

Gresham City Councilor Eddy Morales is running to succeed Congressman Earl Blumenauer in Oregon's 3rd Congressional District. This seat is considered a safe Democratic seat and will be critical in helping Equality PAC build a new pro-equality majority in the House.

Eddy grew up in Oregon with his mom and siblings. He learned early on from the positive impact that his mother had on the community that no one is dispensable. Eddy started organizing 24 years ago when he helped organize a boycott for farm workers that were not getting fair wages. He has now been serving as City Councilor for the City of Gresham for six years.

His mom was deported as he was going off to college and passed away the same year her 10-year ban was up. Since then, he has worked hard on Housing, gun violence, immigration and alongside labor to protect workers’ rights. Eddy has dedicated his entire life to fighting for his family and community. On the council and in our community, Eddy Morales has been a voice for progress who’s been able to deliver resources and solutions—and he will do the same for us in Congress. He will fight for reproductive rights, job creation, housing, climate reform, and a great education for all kids.


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