Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney made history in 2012 as the first openly LGBTQ Member of Congress from New York and the first openly LGBTQ parent elected to Congress. He made history again in 2020 when his Democratic House colleagues elected him to Chair the DCCC for the 2022 midterms.

Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney was the first openly LGBTQ Member of Congress ever elected from New York state. He is also the first openly LGBTQ Chair of the DCCC.

A lifetime of experience has taught Sean how to get things done for Hudson Valley families – growing our economy, creating jobs, improving our schools, fighting the heroin epidemic, and standing up for our veterans.

The youngest of six, Sean Patrick Maloney grew up in a middle-class Irish-Catholic family. Sean’s father, a disabled veteran, and his mother started a small business and managed to put Sean and his brothers through college.

Sean later served as a senior advisor to President Bill Clinton. When Sean left the White House, he started his own small business and grew it into a company that created hundreds of well-paying, New York jobs. He later served as a senior adviser to two New York governors, focusing on education and infrastructure.

After defeating a Tea Party Congresswoman in 2012, Sean quickly built a reputation in Congress for working across party lines to invest in and improve our infrastructure, strengthen the health and financial security of America’s retirees, and keep the United States safe and free.